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Whenever I join a new team, I begin by gathering information and getting to know the people.


Mission, vision, culture, diversity
Immediate team members, their responsibilities, their interests and motivations
Decision makers/steering committee
Teams that rely on my team deliverables
Teams that my team rely on
Teams that review my team
User communities and their interests and motivations
Available support in area you and your team don’t have expertise in – procurement, HR, financial, marketing, privacy, security and etc…


Software development lifecycle (waterfall, scrum, kanban, …) from the beginning to the end

Project management – people, schedule and budget
Configuration management
Change management
Status reporting
Testing and sign offs
Audits and external reviews
Peer review
(Understand how information flow from one process to another, from one tool to another, from one person to another)

Business continuity – backup and emergency
Technical support
Communications – meetings, newsletter
Fun stuffs – lunch breaks, volunteering, knowledge sharing, conferences, classes


Development tools
Office and collaboration – file storage, websites, wikis, SharePoint
Hardware such as special badges, computing equipment